Minivan front vents not blowing any air

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I have a dual cooling system in my 2000 Town and Country Minivan but the front vents have stopped blowing air at all. The back vents work fine and blow cold air so the kids are fine. I just melt up front. I took it to a mechanic who said it is my blend door. And I was told that I would need a new distribution unit to fix the problem. I have dealt with 10 days of over 100 degree heat (110 or more with heat indexes) with no AC so I think I can last a little while longer and hopefully can fix it myself. But need your input.

It started with the air intermittently stopping coming out/working fine until it just stopped all together suddenly. I can hear the fan blowing but the air won't come out. Every so often I feel a smidge of the cold air so I know the AC isn't the problem. I have been told the blend door is stuck and that it is a small plastic door/part that regulates where the air comes from to determine hot or cold. And I was told we could just replace that. Two tries of mechanic ordering the part came back with wrong part. And then I was told that the blend door is inside the larger distribution unit and I would have to replace the whole unit which is expensive. And the dealership told me they can't even get me that distribution unit anymore. What does this problem sound like to you? And how do I fix it? Am starting to work on the car myself as it is old and I can do the work. Am replacing the rear vent window motors myself this weekend to get the air moving around somewhat when am in the car by myself as the cold air from the back vents never makes it to the front.

Thanks! Rachael


if u are telling me correctly the guy u took it to is an idiot The blend air door is for hot and cold air but u said U dont get any air so that has something to do with a blow motor system not a blend air door. The motor is on the pass side turn on the system and go kick it see if it comes back on then


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