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I recently inherited an Emperor kit built grandfather clock that my dad build years ago ( at least before 1976). I have set up the clock, go it running ( it seems to keep good time). However, it does not chime or strike. I have tried advancing ( slowly) the minute hand and I can hear the movement trip ( a small click) when that hand passes the quarter, half and hour positions, but the fan assembly does not activate and the hammers don't move. The chains for the chime and strike weights have been pulled up to the point that the on the chain hook is just clearing the main wheels, But I have verified that the chain hooks are not binding on the main wheels. I have made sure that both silent levers are disengaged ( I don;t think it is a problem with the silent levers since neither of the chime or strike trains seems to want to move at all.

Any good ideas for how to get this great old clock to strike and chime again?

I do have the parts and assembly instruction manuals that came with the clock.




Blaine, the Emperor 100M was manufactured by Jauch. The company is no longer in business. This movement has a history of excessive wear. The initial symptoms are the chimes slowing and finally not working at all. Of course, if the chimes don't function, neither will the strike. In addition to the wear factor, the lubricants could have become gummy and causing this problem. This can be the case with any movement that has not been properly serviced in the last 7 to 10 years. It might be best to have an experienced clockmaker look at it and give you an estimate on restoring it as compared to doing a conversion to a different movement. There are conversion kits available, as this is done quite often. If you need any details on this, you can contact me at my shop email address below.


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