Model 120 series model 101m emporer clock comp.

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Dear John Newman,

    My Great Grandfather built the Model 101M/ 120 Series kit in 1982. My grandparents recently moved and the clock hasn't worked since.I started to look at the clock and realized some pieces were missing and was wondering if there is any way i can purchase these pieces? Also i was curious as to how many chains the clock is supposed to have?

Thanks, Destinee


Destinee, your clock should have 3 chains and weights. The left one powers the strike, the middle on is for the time and the one on the right is for the chime. As far as the parts that are missing, do you have a name of the parts, a description? If you can email me a photo of the back of the movement, that would be best way to determine what you need. The model 101M had three versions, and depending on which parts you need, that would make a difference.


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