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QUESTION: The clock chimes every quarter hour but is three hours behind when striking the hour. It does keep time.

Clock 1

ANSWER: Susan, your clock should have the hour hand setup that allows it to slip on the shaft. Use the minute hand to turn the clock through the quarter chimes until it reaches the hour and strikes. Count the number of strikes. Carefully slip the hour hand to the hour that just struck. Then use the minute hand to reset the clock to the correct time. That should do it.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for your quick response. We tried your advise but it still does not work correctly. At this point do you recommend a service person.


Susan, the procedure should work. I did look at the photo of your clock and I am certain it is the type with the slipping hour hand. Before suggesting a clockmaker, would you consider a phone discussion? I do not ask for or give my phone information on this public forum, so if you would contact me at my shop email address, I can give you my phone number or I would be glad to call you. Let me know.


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