Multi user database.

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I have created a VBA form (User Entry Form). Initilisation of this form opens a workbook which is Database. Entry form is connected to database. This program works on Stand alone PC. Now my requirement is to put the Entire program in Network so that multiple user can access the program and can edit and add details. For this I have made Database Shared but thru VBA database is not updated. I wish to send this program thru mail. so please send me your email address.



by coincidence, someone sent me this information yesteday afternoon:

FYI ~ You¡¯re probably aware of this, but there appears to be a problem in07 possibly caused by the last security update ~ KB 978382 (Security Update for MS Office2007). There has been some on-line discussion I found also. The existing problem is on Network drives, when you now click to share a file you get this error _ ¡°File is no longer shared¡±. The work around appears to be saving the file to your desktop, then under Track Changes, click Highlight changes which prompts you to save. At that point, you transfer the file to the share drive. Hoping Microsoft puts in a fix for this¡­

- I don't know if that is your problem or not, but it is an indication thatmay have a bug induced by the one of the lastest security updates.


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