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Using07 I have a "Splash" page where I have a drop down list with Supervisor names as my list ("Splash B3). What I would like to do is have someone select their name and then their employess would populate in cells B7:B26 (depending on how many each had). The list of emplyoyees and their corresponding supervisors are on a tab called "Hierarchy" (Supervisor Names in column D and the employee's names are in column E).



I would either use VBA (with code behind the sheet, that looks for sheet change and matches Offset values), or a bunch of vlookups, nested within IF statements.

so, on the Hierarchy tab. Make sure the supervisors' names are to the LEFT of the team members' names. like A1 is SupJohnson, B1 is Suzie. A2 is SupAnderson, B2 is Billy.

Not sure which way you would want to go or are more comfortable with. do you want to email me your sheet and I can edit? or, do you want me to send you a sample sheet with maybe 10 rows of stuff in it .

I am at

please put allexperts in the subject line, just like that. so it gets forwarded to myother address thanks


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