My antique gilbert won't bim bam on the hour

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I purchased an antique Gilbert clock from a local clock shop over a year ago as a wedding gift for my husband. We initially had issues with the clock running to fast, it was gaining an hour a day. We took it back to be fixed after adjusting the pendulum length didn't slow the clock enough. We just now received the clock back and were eager to test it out to see how it keeps time. I think it's still running a bit fast (which needs to be fixed), but my main concern is that I have not yet heard it chime on the hour. The half-hour chime is intact, but nothing at the top of the hour. I have wound both holes. Could I have over-wound?? And what would I do to fix that? Basically, I'd like to know how to make my clock chime on the hour like it's supposed to. (And it wouldn't hurt to find out how to make it run accurately if there's anything I can do without sending it in for repairs again ["repairs" took 9 months last time.])


I must assume the person you had repair the clock was a bonafide, qualified clock mechanic, If so, that would be one ball game, if not, then we have a totally different set of problems. First, if your clock is in a reasonable state of good repair you would set the time by raising and lowering the pendulum bob. Raise the bob to cause increase in speed, lower to decrease. If such adjustments do not do the job, then, obviously, there is some thing else wrong. Further the Gilbert strike train is very reliable and very easy to adjust. I suggest you need another, on sight, opinion. To find another (qualified) repair person goto <> . Upon entree to this site you will be presented with a screen that asks you what service you wish and from whence you wish such services to be rendered. In the "what service" box enter, clock repair and to the where box enter the name of a community within which you would like to have said service to be provided. Enter that information and you will be rewarded by a list of such providers in that area. Based upon the limited information you have provided me and my faith in Gilbert construction, I do not believe you have a great problem. I would truly like to be able to tell you exactly what you need to know in order to fix your clock. Frankly there is no substitute for a first hand visual examination. Ergo my recommendation that you get a second opinion. Please let me know how you make out on this. I am at your service.


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