My cat is losing her hair!

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We recently had a major flea infestation and our two cats have suffered dearly. I am still trying to get rid of them after two weeks of work! I have noticed though on our cat Willow, she has been losing her hair all around her hind legs, rearend, and bottom of her tail. She is always licking there so I just figured it was because of the fleas. Well, tonight as I was combing her fur, I only found a couple fleas (for once!) but on the back of her head she is losing gobs of hair and it looks like major dandruff on the ends of all her hair. Can you please tell me what this might be and if there is an inexpensive way to take care of her problem? Thank you so much!


You need to do two things. First, get the cat to the vet for a shot of DepoMEdrol, a long acting steroid to stop the itching. While you are at the vet, get the second step, Advantage TopSpot flea killer. Use it every 2 weeks for 3 treatments and then do it monthly. THat should really help.


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