My one and half year old pitbull

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My 1 1/2 yr old pit bull has ear and skin problems since he was a pup, and the vet keeps testing him for ear mites but the tests always come up neg. He breaks out in hives and won't stop itching, he makes himself bleed from itching, he just looks miserable. The current vet will give him cortizone shots but, they only last a couple of weeks. is there anything we can do for him? we just want a second opinion because we have poured out tons of money and he still hasn't been helped. please help, I'm tired of seeing him uncomfortable.


If he is a very allergic dog and the cortisone shots help, then ask your vet to prescribe prednisone tablets that you can give every other day. That will help to prevent the se allergic resctions. YOu might consider a diet change and allergy testing to see if there is some allergen he can be immunized against.


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