Need eddie bauer watch case

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Melvin, I own an Eddie Bauer watch that I love. Unfortunately, the case is in pretty bad shape. I think I bought it in 1982. Model # is: ACGO19. It is a man's watch with date on the outside perimeter of the dial face. Any idea where I might find a new or nice used case for my watch? Thanks. Larry



You can search ebay. That is a great place to find parts.

Next, if the case does not need to be exactly the same, you can easily find a new case and put your movement in that case. You need to know the dimensions for the case (diameter and height). With that information, a supply house can get you a case. I would check with Primrose Supply.

Primrose Supplies Inc. 2529 S. State St. - Salt Lake City, Utah 84115 Tel: 1-877-296-1025 Fax: 1-801-365-3874


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