Need help to clean out the ash dump chase

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2014 03:11 PM GMT


I intend to install a gas log into the existing firebox in my recently purchased home. I want to use the ash chase to run the gas line from the basement into the firebox. The chase is packed full with ash that is caked due to moisture and it will not slide down to the access door for removal. I tried to loosen it with a 1 inch drain snake but that does not work due to the flexibility of the snake and the fact that it is going vertical up the chase. I want to use the chase for ease of re-conversion back to wood burning if I sell the home at a later date.Any ideas?


did you try poking the ash from below and on top to break it up? you will need to run a good shop vac to help with the dust. I would have a local Certified Chimney Sweep, (there you can look up by zip code to find one near you) take a first hand look at what you have they should be able to help.


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