Need more than seven arguments in if

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I am trying to create a spreadsheet with a cell having an "IF" formula with more than seven arguments-using2003-can't do-I know I cannot be the only person that needs something like this but I cannot figure out how get it done. The key/argument looks something like: IF(B19=36,"2880",IF(B19=32,"2560",IF(B19=28,"2080",(B19=24,"1920",IF(B19=20,"1600",IF(B19=16,"1280",IF(B19=12,"960",IF(B19=8,"640",IF(B19=4,"320",IF(B19=0,"0",IF(B19=E,"1600",IF(B19=C,"Level"))))))))))))



In this formula, numbers like "2880" are in quotes, because based on the formula in your question, I assumed you wanted the result to be anstring. If you want the result to be a number, then you'd replace





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