Nested if, and, or functions

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I am having a problem calculating the following: Family Leave Calculation: 5 days for FT employees who have worked 1 or more years 3 days for FT employees who have worked less than 1 year

  OR for PT employees who have worked more than 1.5 years

0 days for everyone else

Here is the calculation I have completed and it gives me a True answer whereas I would like for it to give me the value.

=OR(IF(B10="FT",D10>=1,5),IF(B10="FT",D10<1,3),IF(B10="PT",D10>1.5,3),,0) What am I missing here? Or is this not completely incorrect?



These nested If, And, Or functions can get tricky that way. Rather than pull yours apart what I did was reconstruct your argument without using the "OR" statement as follows:


Copy that into the cell you are currently using and see if it works for you. I beta tested it with no problems.



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