No start 1990 cadillic eldorado

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Hi Rob: Getting back to you. I checked the ignition switch it appears to be fine and no burn smell, although it was suggest that I re-checked all the fuses. Under the hood there is a fuse box with relay and fuses. Two of the fuses 7.5 amp pertain to the injector harness. When I took them out to inspect them they were both them blown, so I replaced them and and re-did the "noid" test and when I turned the ignition key as in crank the engine over the "noid" light blinked on/off. So there is electrical current now. So my problem may be solved. No sure what caused the 7.5 amp fuses to blow out to begin with. You relate to what caused the fuses to blow or short out? If the blow out again can I use a 10 amp in place of a 7.5 amp fuse?



I commonly tell people to check both fuse panels because they usually don't know about the second. I do not know what would have blown both these fuses, but no, you don't dare throw in a 10 because you are defeating the use of a fuse. If there is something causing that circuit to blow, you will need to do diagnostics with a service manual. If you use a higher amperage fuse, you will end up with wire overheating and a subsequent fire and I don't think you want that.

Glad it worked out for now.


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