No starter turning over the engine: '03 300

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QUESTION: I have a 03 Chrysler 300m (115,000)that makes a 'click' when i try to start it. I've replaced the starter and battery, and that didn't fix it. I've checked and cleaned all of the ground connections (there might be a couple that I had missed).I'm at a stand still as to what else it could be.

ANSWER: Hi Jonathan Is the click loud (coming from the starter solenoid switch) or is it soft (coming from the starter relay in the power distribution center)? That is what we need to know if this is electrical. Another possibility is that the engine will not rotate. So try turning the crankshaft via the bolt on the crankshaft pulley to be sure that it is not locked up. Let me know and we'll go from there. Please "rate" my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland

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QUESTION: Hi Roland, the click is definetly coming from starter.I tried turning the crankshaft pulley and it did not turn. Do you think that the timming belt broke? Would it make that "click" in the starter if the starter relay was bad? I really hope it is not the belt!! What had happen was I went over some railroad tracks (going 5-10mph making a turn) and it sounded like something was draging and caught on something. The next thing I know everything shut down. After looking under the hood for a bit, I noticed a frayed ground strap.


Hi Jonathan, If the engine is locked up then if this is the 3.2 or 3.5L engine then it very well could be that the timing belt has broken because if that happens the valves can come in cotact with the tops of the piston. The manual says the belt should be changed at 100,000 miles. Because the rpm was low when this happened there is a chance that no damage was done to the valve train but only an inspection of where the camshaft sprockets are positioned relative to the crankshaft will give you an initial indication of that possibility. It is a multi-step process to detemine what is the status of the belt (to remove the front timing belt covers) but that will need to be done in any case to change the belt. It would be good to have a shop manual if you are going to try this yourself, and the Haynes manual would do or you could look on eBay for a Chrysler 300 shop manual for the '03 model year, or anything from '01-04 will be applicable. Please 'rate' my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland


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