No strikeing-no chimes

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QUESTION: Built the clock in 1978, series #111 movement. Have never had any problems until now. I can't be sure, but; my grand daughter, after winding the clock; tried to set the correct time and I think she might have gone CC with the minute hand.

ANSWER: The chime is probably stuck in the middle of a chime cycle. Try to get to the chime hammers. If some of them are in the lifting position pull them back away from the chime bars. Hopefully this will get the chime drum turning again. If this does not work please tell me what you find in there. clock parts and repair

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QUESTION: I tried your suggestion. Moved the first chime away from chime bar, the chimes went twice and the hour hammer struck once. With my limited knowledge of the movement, it looks the same as the day I installed it.

ANSWER: The next thing to do is to oil the movement. A drop of clock oil on the pivots might be all you need to get the chime and strike going again. This is especially effective on the pivot holes near the top of the movement. The ones where the fan (fly or governor) is may do the trick. clock parts and repair

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I tried the oil, no luck. Still will not strike on it's own.


Is the heaviest weight on the right side as you face the clock? It takes more power to run the chimes so the heaviest weight must be on the right (chime) side. If it is and the clock still won't chime, I think it's time to get a clock repair person to work on the clock.


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