No turn signals/hazards ok: '96 lh body concorde

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QUESTION: I have checked all fuses and bought a brand new turn signal switch and installed it in my 96 chrysler concorde lx/lxi and turn signals still dont work. flashers and everything else works. what could be wrong?

ANSWER: Hi Pam, I have both the '94 and the '98 manual and while the circuits are similar they are not identical. To help ID which you have, if you would be so kind as to look behind the left end cap of the dash to see the fuse (junction) box and tell me if it has 4 multi-wire plugs or only 1 multi-wire plug then I would know which manual to use in analying the problem in your '96. I believe I know the answer but the specific item # in question is different depending upon which manual applies. Thanks for your help.

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QUESTION: ok thank you for helping me thus far. it has 4 multi wire plugs.


Hi Pam, The four plugs means the fuse box is the same between '93 and '96. There are two separate power supplies and separate fuses: one for the hazard system, one for the turn signals. Both share the same wires but use different sections of the 'combination flasher' which is what generates the pulsed volage pattern. The simpleat explanation as to why you don't have turn signals would be that fuse #3 (10 amp) in the junction block fuse box at the left end of the dash is not patent (third from the front, top row). It may look good but it could have a cracked internal wire. So verify that it shows 12v on both ends when the ignition switch is in the 'run' position or find another 10 amp fuse to substitute for it temporarily. If that is not the answer then it may be the wire between the fuse and combo flasher, the section of combo flasher that it uses, or the wire from flasher to the turn signal switch itself that is "open". The power from the fuse arrives at the turn signal switch on a black wire at pin 8, goes through the switch (when the hazards are NOT selectied) to the combo flasher on a red/white wire to pin 2 of the plug at the flasher, and finally leaves the flasher pulsing on a pink wire at combo plug 4 and that goes to pin 2 of the turn signal switch where when activated to turn left or right sends the pulsed voltage to the bulbs on either side. The combo flasher is under the dash, just to the right of the back side of the fuse box. You would want to remove tha pad that runs along the under side of the dash to access it. It is black in color, you pull backward to remove it if you need to. If it isn't the fuse then it is likely the combo flasher is defective but you could also check the wire connections first. Please let me know what it turns out to be the cause of the non-turnsignaling while the hazards do work. Thanks very much for the rating and nomination.


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