Number every 99th row

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I have 10000 rrecords/rows and I need to number every 99th row. How can I do this.


Assume that you would like to put the Serial Number 1,2,3 for every 99th record.

In A2 cell Copy and paste the below formula. =IF(ROW(A2)/99=1,1,IF((ROW(A2)/99)=INT(ROW(A2)/99),MAX($A$1:$A1)+1,"")) Now copy the A2 cell formula and fill it to the remaining cells of Column A depends upon your data.

If suppose you would like to use the above formula in B Column then change the MAX($A$1:$A1) to MAX($B$1:$B1) that is the B2 cell formula should be like this. =IF(ROW(A2)/99=1,1,IF((ROW(A2)/99)=INT(ROW(A2)/99),MAX($B$1:$B1)+1,""))

Hope it's clear to you!


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