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QUESTION: Roland, I went out side did the turn on turn off process you suggested, but nothing came up , there was no 4 digit with P number. I tried it by not only turning on the igintion completely with car running, and I tried it with just putting the key in and turning it but not quite getting the engine started. Neither way gave me the digits you requested, Is there something else I should do?

ANSWER: Hi Nicole, You just go from off to the position where the key is located after the engine is started, and you have to go through the on-off-on-off-on and leave on sequence in 5 seconds or less elapsed time in total. So you have to move quickly. If mileage reading doesn't disappear at all then presumably there is no inforametion to be known. Roland Please don't ask New questions, use the Follow-up offering.

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QUESTION: Hi Roland,

Ok so I checked for the codes, nothing popped up.. However my OBD light yellow light came on the dash.. Please advise what do you think it could be?

ANSWER: Hi Nicole, The OBD light being "on" when the key is in the 'run' position but the engine is not running is normal. So it appears there are not fault codes stored in the memory of the engine controller. If you have a nationwide autoparts store, such as Autozone, nearby they often will do a free code readout using a plug-in code reader, for free. So you might want to get such a free readout. Let me know if this brings out any specific codes. Roland

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QUESTION: Hi Roland I had a co-worker do the code retrieve process and these were the codes that came up P1684 and p0455..also the odb light is staying while the engine is running.


OK Nicole, We have something to work on. That code says there is a leak in the system which collects gasoling vapor and sends them into the engine at a later time on a controlled basis. The possibilities are that the gas cap is loose or the gas cap is not sealing properly, and/or there is a leak in the hoses/tubes/connections of that system that should be located by a visual inspection. So you can either do that yourself or have your mechanic find which of the above is present and correct it. This fault causes unnecessary pollution, might affect the operation of the engine, and will definitely have to be corrected to pass a state inspection if required. It should not be expensive to fix. Please rate my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland


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