Obsessive licking and eating things

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My rescue dog found a small bubble in my pergo dance floor and licked and licked it until it opened and began digging as if to get to something. She licks and licks the caulking around my shower stall. She licked and licked and scratched a hole 2" square in my wall to wall carpet all the way to the mat before I caught her. Someone said there is a product used in all of these that is attractive to dogs-is that correct?? What can I do?? I am grateful for any advice


This is indeed a difficult problem. There are many reasons this could be happening. You mentioned she is a rescue dog. She could be exhibiting a form of OCD, or obsessive compulsive disorder. She might have pica, while it is listed under the above disorders, it can also be nutritionally related.

The Merck Veterinary manual has the following to say about what you are describing:

I would say this calls for a thorough exam from a vet along with some bloodwork and a possible dietary change. There are drugs to control OCDs in dogs but they are only available from the vets and then only after a thorough exam. That is going to be your best place to start. If there is a substance in any of these materials that attracts dogs then every dog would be licking all floors and shower caulkings and that just isn't the case. So don't listen to the uninformed!


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