Out of beat garrard - different crutch

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I have a Garrard chiming 8 day mantle clock which is out of beat neading a shim of about 3/8" on one side (L). I can not bend the pendulum crutch (as recommended elsewhere) because it is part of a flat horizontally aligned plate, presumably part of the verge. I not that the pendulum suspension spring is fastened in a slotted rod which looks as though it could rotate and change the vertical alignment of the spring slot. It appears to be kept in place by a vertical screw and plate at the top of the frame. Would rotating the slotted rod help to improve the beat?

Thank you very much.


, I am not familiar with the Garrard clock or the description of the suspension assembly. If you can send a clear photo of the back of the movement showing the suspension assembly and pendulum, I might be able to help you. My email address below.


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