Pacifica torque strut mount

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engine torque strut mount

I have a 2006 Pacifica 3.5L Touring FWD and I have the clunking sound when I put it in gear and in reverse so I bought new motor mounts from my local parts store. I have 2 motor mounts (left and right) and the transmission mount( pass side under the air filter box)and what is called the "engine torque strut mount"(dogbone about 5" long)from my local AutoZ parts store.. Problem is I cant figure out where the torque strut mount goes?? and cant find any repair instructions in the Chiltons for the torque strut mount.


Hi Jim, The manual says that to remove and replace it you jack up the vehicle and support it, then you put a floor jack under the transmission to support it. Then you remove the strut. There is a close-up drawing of it in the installed location and from what it shows I believe it is at the back end of the transmission, and is seen from underneath quite clearly. No other parts are named but if you don't find it I can copy the figure and attach it to an email that I would be glad to send to you. The fasteners are to be torqued to 40 foot-pounds. If you want the info on the other mounts let me know. Please 'rate' my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland


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