Pacifica: many lights flicker/flash

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I have a 2006 Chrysler Pacifica. The ABS and brake light will keep flashing, overhead lights, stereo, and head light flickering also. The seat belt ding will also start to ding. I have had new battery and new alternator installed, and problem is still occuring!! Any info regarding this matter would be wonderful. I've heard many people with this same problem and no one can tell me what the problem is. Even took it to the local Chrysler dealer and they couldn't help either but definitely charged $250.00 to look at it!!!


Hi Jason, The variety of devices that flicker cause me to think that there as a loose connection in one of the paths that return current to the battery - post (so-called ground wires). There are three wires on the - post battery clamp and the thinnest of those goes to a splice inside of a harness nearby and then from that splice there is a connection to alternator field coil. If that pathway were flaky it could cause the voltage to go up and down as the alternator output closes and opens and produce a flicker on many circuits. You might do well to go to the alternator and jump a wire from pin 1 of the 2-pin plug where there is a brown/black wire attached and jump the other end of the jump wire directly to the - post of the battery clamp which would by-pass that splice in the harness. Be careful to attach the jump to the brown/black wire). See if that solves the problem and if so focus on that ground pathway (the splice as well as the wire; check that thinnest wire where it attaches to the - post clamp as it might be corroded by battery acid). There are also two common grounding points of many other circuits: one is in that same left front corner of the engine comparment where three black ground wires are bolted to the left frame rail, and nearby another ground for 2 black wires located on the lower left front panel of the body at the lower left opening where air enters the comparment to supply air to the radiator. Make sure those 2 bolts are tight and you also could remove the bolts and clean the eyelets of those ground wires and then reattach them if you want to go the "extra mile". It is a somewhat unusual grounding circuit in this vehicle from my experience but those are how I would suggest you pursue this. Let me know if any of these ideas 'bear fruit'. Please 'rate' my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland


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