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Hey on the back of the movement is stamped 76 Franz Hermle N0101 jewels made in west germany unadjusted 451-050 85cm over 70.77 The weights measure 1-3/4 x 10-1/8 inches. Thanks again. I am a retired machinist and I have never been into the annals of a clock before, and I find this most interesting.


Ken, The right side needs 6.6lbs, the left side needs 4.7lbs. If your pendulum disc is larger than 6.5" you will need 6.6lbs on in the center weight, if the pendulum bob is smaller than 6.5" you can use 4.7lbs in the center weight. To fit 6.6lbs in your shells it has to be solid lead so you will need to buy the correct insert. I suggest you buy all three inserts, They should fit in your shells. You can call Black Forest at 1-800-824-0900. The 6.6lb insert is part number HWI66 The 4.7lb insert is part number HWI47 If they won't sell directly to you, let me know. clock parts and repair


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