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I have a Clock that my father gave to my mother about 40 years ago. The only markings on it are (P.L. 31cm-Western Germany-2172"President" )then the word Yanch or Fanch or it might even be the letter T at the beginning. But the rest you can make out to be "anch". It has a pendulum and plays the West Minister Chimes. You have to wind it up with a key every 7 days, you also have to wind up the music part. It has a place on front where there are three places to wind it up with the same key. I had it repaired about 4 years ago and was told then that some teeth were missing and to be careful winding it as it might come unwound. After I had it repaired (it had been wound to tight and then someone tried to release the spring) I have noticed that when I wind it up that it acts like it is loose from the inside casing. I really don't have much faith in the man that repaired it and don't want to take it back to him. The chimes are off key now. How can I find someone to repair it or can you tell me if the missing teeth part is still available, I would love to get it fixed right. It works great other than when it winds down it will make a loud noise like it jumped across something. I appreciate anything you can tell me about the clock as both of my parents are gone now and no one in the family knows about anything about it.


the German company that made it is Erhard Jauch Uhrenfabrik

a good pro can fix any broken part PROPERLY so it is as good as new

if the movement is loose in the case the chimes can go out of tune

where exactly are you located - perhaps I can reccommend you a repair person??


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