Pendulum for emperor model 100m

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Good Morning John, the pendulum for our clock was lost/taken?? during our move. are you aware of the availability of a replacement. contacted Emperor Clocks informed me the company that made the clock went out of business in 1979. would appreciate hearing from you. thanks. Dave Hill


Hi, Dave. The movement company was Jauch and the Emperor model number was the 100M which in which the M referred to the moving moon dial feature. I have seen the M tacked on to ones without the moon dial, but the movement is the same. There was a problem with the excessive wear in some areas of this movement and Emperor switched to a similar movement made by Hermle. Emperor called it the 101M. There is a conversion kit available to replace the Jauch with a Hermle. However, in answer to your question, You can check an Online auction site such as eBay under "Emperor clock pendulum". They come up occasionally. Or, I do have replacement pendulums for the 100M. I was plant engineer at Emperor and bought the remaining stock of their vintage clocks. I also buy old Emperor parts to restore and provide for customers to repair or build kits that were never built. If you will contact me at my shop email address below, I can provide you with some details, including photos of the wood stick pendulum or later decorative Lyre pendulums. We should be able to provide you with a pendulum.


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