Piper montgomery ward grandfather clock cpm 9084

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I received a grandfather clock from my mom. It isn't currently working, but it looks in good condition and have the weights/chains/pendulum as well as owners manual. I was wondering if I should pay to have it "tuned up" -- isn't my style really... any ballpark on how much I should sell it for (live in Seattle)?


Diane, I answered your question last night, but I see it has appeared on the Allexperts forum again. I was experiencing a very slow Internet response yesterday and possibly my answer did not get through to you, so I will repeat it.

The decision to have it tuned up (we call it servicing) is up to you depending on how much you would pay to have it done. I'm not sure you want to have it done to keep it or sell it. You wold have to determine the going price for the clock as is, and what you would have to sell it for after paying to have it brought up to reliable running condition. I'm afraid I cannot give you a value. As stated in my Allexperts personal profile, I do not give values, as I am not a certified appraiser. I would suggest you look at local classifieds or some of the selling prices on on-line sites such as eBay or Craigslist, but finding a Montgomery Ward clock would be very rare. Their clocks were manufactured for them in limited quantities by other companies, and there is very little available history on these "modern production" clocks. Sorry I could not help you more.


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