Planetery orbits

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Hello, Do you have a good website for a working model/explanation of the sun and orbiting planets, with the earth's moon? From our eastern window, I view the sun rising from the SE towards the NW, then at other times I see the sun rise from the NE towards the SW. I want to understand the earth's rotation on axis, or axes, as well as the seasonal relation to the sun, duration of daylight, and so forth.

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Generally speaking, the Sun rises in the E and sets in the W. From the mid latituded of the US, the sun rises E and sets in the W in the Spring and Fall.

It rises SE and sets SW in the winter, and rises NE and sets NW in the summer.

It all depends upon your exact location.

A local planetarium can help you out with this.

If you let me know what city you live in, I will get you info on your local Planetarium.



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