Pomeranian suddenly pooping in the house

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I have a 5 year old male pom, who is house trained. The last 6 weeks, when we are gone, or sleeping, he poops in the house. He has never done this before. He use to bark to wake us up, and we would let him out. Now he goes about 3 times a week when we are sleeping. He doesn't go infront of us. He is walked daily, and let outside often. I don't understand and really need help, as I don't want to crate him. We don't yell at him, but when we wake up, he hides in his dog house with his head hung down. The only change in his routine is I was in the hospital for a week, that is when my husband said it started. I've been home for a month, and the in-house pooping is still occuring. Please help. We try to give him as much love and reassurance as possible. I appreciate any advice.


His problem started out of stress, but then it becomes a habit. One week for a dog is like us doing something for three weeks. You might have to use the crate to re-train him to hold it and to ask to be taken out. When he does go outside, lavishly praise him. Do not punish him for pooping in the house as that will only re-enforce his shame and make things worse. Just crate him and don't let him see you clean it up. If that doesn't help he needs to be seen by the vet for a check up. He could have a problem going on inside. If he isn't neutered he may be having prostate problems which can cause defecation issues. That is about all I can tell you. Crating is for training so use that to your advantage.


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