Pomeranian vomiting for last 3 days

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My 1 1/2 year old male Pomeranian has been vomiting and cannot hold down water and will not eat anything for the past 3 days. I'm pretty sure he did not eat anything he shouldn't have. I bought my mom a Pomeranian puppy for Christmas that did not appear to being well taken care of, but he is doing fine, eating well, very energetic, but I am fearful that my Pom may have gotten something from him although it may just be coincidence. His vomit is just watery since he has not eaten. He feels warm and is just laying around, but he can get up and walk. Please advise if I should get him into the vet before the holidays are over and what I can do to keep him hydrated. Thank you!!


Well I don't know if your dog has been vaccinated by your question but it is entirely possible that he could have picked up a virus from where the puppy was from. Even a one year old dog can pick up parvo from a puppy that has been around it. You need to get this dog into a vet's as soon as possible and in the meantime get some gatoraide inside of him. Give him about 50 cc or a quarter cup about once an hour by pulling out the corner of his lip and pouring the gatorade in there and then holding up his little chin and stroking his throat. There are plenty of other reasons he could be vomiting, but a virus is usually the first one that comes to mind. Yes he needs to be seen asap.


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