Porcelien tiles vestal pedestal stove?

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QUESTION: I am thinking of tiling under my Ben Franklin stove using porcelain tiles. Presently, I have a metal mat under the stove base (which is square) and sits directly on the mat. (not up on legs like some). I am wondering whether to leave the metal mat and just tile around it, but since it is old-looking I would like to remove the mat altogether and set the stove on the porcelain tile floor if it would not present a fire hazard or discolor the tiles. Tiles I am looking at are off-white, but should I select a dark color to prevent "toasting" discoloration, or are the porcelain tiles perfectly safe and strong enough to stand the heat? Presently the floor is carpeted over wood floor so the mat was needed.

Do you think a tile with a rough finish (slight indentions over surface) would tend to collect more dirt than a slick finish?

for any advise, Rob

ANSWER: it sounds like this is an insert not a stove (a stove has legs) the legs give a "clearance to combustibles" with out it even a metal pat or porcelain tiles would not be enough. If this is an insert then it must be installed in a fireplace floor. the owners manual will tell you what you can and cant do, follow it. I would have a local Certified Chimney Sweep www.csia.org, (there you can look up by zip code to find one near you) take a first hand look at what you have, they should be able to help.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: for such a quick reply.

My mistake in info, the stove is Vestal Pedestal Stove MOdel # 4329P. )not an insert. No legs but sits on a metal rectangle pedestal.

The stand is hollow metal and presently sits on a larger metal mat.

Since the mat is looking old, I was thinking of tiling underneath and hoping I could do without the metal mat if I was using porcelian tiles on the floor. I was worried if I used a lite colored tile, the heat might discolor tile even if it was safe otherwise.

Your thoughts please,


Welcome back Rob, as far as discoloring of the tile I think you would be ok, it is the clearance to combustibles I was asking about and if you are with in those (not sure what that stove requires) the tile should not be affected but the temp and discolor.


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