Prez and vice prez from same state

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Dear Mike You are incorrect A President and a VP can come from the same state. A delegate to the electoral college may not vote for a Prez and VP from the same state if he comes from that same state. For instance A delegate from NY can not vote for a P and VP if they are both from NY. Read your 12th and 22nd amendment, you must have learned your civics from GW and the GOP


Hi Greg,

I'm not sure exactly what answer you are replying to, but if I said that there is an direct prohibition, I must have misspoke.

The 12th Amendment had the practical effect of preventing a President and VP running from the same State since they would not want to give up home state votes for part of the ticket. But theoretically, I suppose a President could run from the same State. It's just that it has never happened and, as long as the 12th Amendment is in place, never will.

- Mike


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