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Chiming movement

I am having problems setting up a chiming clock. The lobes attached to the cannon pinion lift the chime flirt OK on the hour and on the quarters, but this does not release the chime train unless I manually turn the chime locking plate so that the pin on the lifting piece falls into one of the cut-outs on the locking plate.

A photo of the movement is attached - any help gratefully received!(I have marked what I think are the correct names of the pieces on the photo: I may be calling the parts by totally the wrong names and confusing you as well as me.)

And I've not even got to setting up the hammers to play Westminster chime sequence properly. I expect that to be a nightmare.


Geoff, you are correct, it can be a nightmare if you have not been trained on the synchronization of the chime components. The chime locking plate, chime correction cam and warning pin have to be aligned with precision. This can be done with the chime drum disabled, by loosening the set screw on the drum drive wheel (gear). I cannot go into this procedure, as it really takes a few hours of on-the-job training. However it might be best to obtain a book outlining this procedure. Your local library might have some books on clock repair. One I use is Steven G. Conover's Chime Clock Repair. After the chime and correction function are completed, the chime drum can be synchronized. I do this by running the movement so it chimes and completes the first quarter. Then I rotate the chime drum until the four first quarter notes (Descending in sequence from front to rear), and tighten the set screw. Good luck and I'm sorry I cannot help you further.


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