Procedure oriented language?

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What is procedure oriented language?


Hello Sandeep

A procedure oriented language is one where an algorithm is broken down into a series of steps that the computer must execute. In larger programs, the steps are grouped into many units called functions or subroutines, or procedures. C is a procedural language because C programs are organized around functions.

This is different from an object oriented language where the program is organized as a set of co-operating objects. Although the objects also use procedures, the overall organization of the program is by objects. C++ is a language that can be used as an object oriented language.

A procedural language is one in which you describe how to do something by specifying the sequence of steps in the program. This is different from a declarative language where you specify the logic of what you want done. SQL is an example of a declarative language used in databases. In SQL you specify what data you want SQL to return, but you do not specify the steps for getting it.

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