Programming 2 new key fobs for a 2000 chrysler cirrus lxi

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We bought this car from an elderly neighbor who can't find his one functioning key fob. I was able to purchase two others from eBay but haven't been able to program them since I don't have a functioning fob. Is this something I can do myself (with your help please) or must I have a dealer or auto locksmith take care of it? Thank you for your time!


Hi Barb, I am afraid to say but it is the case that without one fob that is recognized by the theft system you cannot program any other fobs, except with the aid of a readout box that can communicate between the system and the new fobs. So unless the neighbor can find it you will have to have some help from a dealer or auto lock shop which you can compare for price. Once you have one of the fobs programmed you can use it to program the other yourself if that will save you any money. I can tell you how to do that. Roland


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