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Hey I have another question for you. I would like to pull data from a worksheet but only if it is between 2 dates (start date, end date) that I enter in 2 cells (C4 and C5). The data it is pulling from is arranged with the dates running across the top between cells A9 and GY9 (11/1, 11/8, 11/15, etc.), with data under each of these dates. Do you have a solution to do this?

Also, I know you don't like questions on graphing so feel free to ignore this. My ultimate goal in this is to have a graph automatically adjust and pull only the relevant information (between the 2 dates that are entered in C4 and C5). So, upon entering the 2 dates (C4, C5) it looks at the data set and pulls the relevant data into a graph. Do you know if this is possible?

Let me know of any questions as this was tough to explain.




Do you really want to pull the data or if you could graph a selected set of columns from the original data using the dates in C4 and C5 - would that be acceptable?

Assuming graphing from the original data is acceptable, then If you can send me a sample file with a graph included that shows what you want to see (build the graph manually and I will then see if I can generalize it to use the data in cells C4 and C5).

If you actually do want a copy of the subset of data, show/tell me where you want it copied or moved to. If this option do you want it done with formulas (if possible) or using a macro which you run?

send the file and information to


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