Quartz movement

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Hi John, A lady brought me a wall clock to fix (the main thing she wanted is the westminster chime) It has a Tempus Fugit face plate made in Korea and the movement is a real cheap one made in China(the Qlick spring broke and did other damage) it is really not worth fixing (I would to call her and give her the price on the Quartz westminter movement to see if she wants to spend that amount) ( The pendelum is 8" long)

 Thank you


Dwight, I have done quite a few of these Asian clock conversions, changing from the worn out economy mechanical movements to the quality quartz chiming units. The customers are very pleased with the results, as the clock is very accurate, has not changed in appearance from the outside and they do not have to wind it. It does have the Westminster chime + another chime option, volume control and a night off or reduction in volume. I can give you some information on the procedures to do this. But you haven't actually asked a question, so I don't know what you need. Let me know and we'll go from there.


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