Rebuilding a chimney and the flues

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We hired a company that is now defunct 5 yrs ago to rebuild a chimney and they did a botched job. We just hired a new company to re-do the job since the chimney was pulling away from the house again. It was rebuilt in the single digits. 1) how long does it take quikrete mason mortar type S to cure with antifreeze? 2) can you add more mortar to Fill in the holes / point once the mortar has dried? 3) should the 13x13 flues be lined exactly on top of each other? should I see mortar and or a gap to the filler from inside the fireplace? 4)our our expectations too high to expect Plum vertical and horizontal lines?


I would say from what you describe they did a botched job again, 1, you should not do masonry in freezing weather, 2. yes you can repoint but shouldn't need to on a new chimney. 3, yes they must be one on top of the other the gap between should be filled with "non soluble mortar" 4, you are asking for a job done right and that is never to much. I would contact your local building department (doubt they pulled a permit) and if not, it will need to be inspected (they will tell you what is wrong), then when every thing that is wrong, contact the Better business bureau and your local Consumer Protection agency. This chimney will need to be replaced or repaired, be sure to hire a licensed, insured contractor, ask for references and check them (they will only give you please who liked them but ask "what was the worst thing the mason did on your job, late, finished on time, can I come by and look at their work...etc" you might have a law suit on your hands against both chimney builders? good luck and


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