Refilling 2002 intrepid cooling system

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2002 no Bleeder


Hi Ambassador, The '04 manual I have on a CD shows a different location for the bleed valve: if you imagine a line between the right strut tower and the center of the round upper intake manifold, along that imaginary line you will see a bleeder in a coolant line that goes to the recovery bottle. If you would like, I can copy several pages off the CD that describes the coolant system aspects that are relevant to the 2.7L in the '04 which I assume is like your '02, and definitely different than the '99. I will attach those to an email but to do so I need to know your email address. To tell me that, send a follow-up question and in the text of the question tell me that address. Then click on the box to make the question PRIVATE. Failure to make it private will result in its automatic erasure so I won't see it. If you don't see a Private box to click, then send a new question and click the private box for it. Please 'rate' my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland


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