Refracteries on temco brand fireplace

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QUESTION: my question is this: the refractories, the thin bricks placed on the metal panels inside the firebox have started deteriorating. the fireplace has been used for seven years. i was patching with fireplace mortar on the corners where there was a little separation in the refractories. i was planning on having them replaced after this season. now i notice that the bricks on the refractories have deteriorated is several places, and you can see the metal backing. this is on the back refractory. the bottom also has a hole in it, and more of the bottom refractory has been flaking off. i was wondering if i were to fill the holes with fireplace mortar, if that would work for this season. the metal appears to be in good shape behind the refractory panels. or should i get some sort of heat shielding to put against the panel and on the floor for the balance of this season. i have been wanting to get a certified chimney sweep to look at the system, but don't know how to find one or how reputable they are. wow, i didn't know there was a place to attach an image, so i have taken a picture of it and attached it. the back panels do have tiny cracks, but it is still working for now. i was cleaning it today in preparation to patching the corners again because the wife was saying there was a small hole in the corner. in actuality, there were several holes, but just in the panels, not the metal backing. you can see from the pictures. will you be emailing me back? i would like some answer soonest, if possible. thank you


ANSWER: that panel also insulates the metal firebox and you should NOT USE it until they are replaced, shields and fireplace mortar will not work here (no insulation value) if you have a model number of that unit a sweep might be able to find the OEM replacements if not they do make after market panels that will work, a local Certified Chimney Sweep, (there you can look up by zip code to find one near you) take a first hand look at what you have, they should be able to help. as far as what to expect from them they will be busy but might offer a free inspection. (if you can get t hem the make and model they might be able to get you a price on the panels with out coming out

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QUESTION: years ago i put a sheet of some sort of insulating material under an ashley wood stove i installed in my house. would something like this work until i could get it replaced? or can i put some fire bricks to cover the spot?


Welcome back Michael, I would not try to "rig" this unit with any thing other than replacement panels, you run a very real risk of a fire, these units are designed and tested with a perfect set up and new fireplace/panels and parts yours are damaged and have very little clearance to combustibles, using it you are over heating the metal and can cause a fire in the area under and behind the fireplace (this does not have to be from a flame if you heat the metal it can radiate the heat (RED HOT) though to the wood behind the unit, DO NOT USE Sorry


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