Removal of fireplace rocks

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I would like to remove old rock, it is very large pieces of rock with edges that jutt out all over. It was done in the '80s. I am just wondering if anything will have to be done to the actual fireplace when I replace the old rock with new rock, or if I use sheetrock, will i have to use a certain kind. the fireplace is a regular woodburning. And how hard of a project is this?



Without seeing your fireplace I cant say for certain. I believe your referring to the veneer or surround of the fireplace itself. That being said, sometimes the veneer or rock in you case is over a studded wall and sometimes the chimney itself. I would recommend an NFPA-211 level II inspection be performed and on sight advise should be given concerning the fireplace veneer re-install. Please use the links at the bottom of my home page at to find an inspector offering these services. Good luck.


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