Removing clock hands.

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i have a nice grandfather clock purchased in 1980. it has a keininger movement. My wife wound it to tight and now the clock does not work. the clock was only a couple of years old at the time, so it is like new. i am trying to get the hands off so i can ship it for repair. someone told me there is a little nut to remove but I can't see any using a magnifying glass. hope you can help. thx


Your Keininger's minute hand should be held on by a hand nut which is quite visible. If it is not, the only other method of retention is a washer and a taper pin, also very visible. If the latter is used, simply pull the taper pin out, the washer and minute hand will pull straight off. The hour hand is another matter entirely. I suspect the hour hand is what is giving you a problem. The hour hand is held in place solely by friction. To remove you simply pull it straight out. Sometimes the friction fit is a bit extreme and it takes effort to break.


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