Removing gas furnace chimney

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Ten years ago I reshingled my roof and 7 years ago I installed a direct vent gas furnace. If I were to install a direct vent water heater would it be possible and cost effective to remove the internal chimney used by the old gas furnace and water heater. I'm planning on removing the wall containing the chimney for a kitchen reno so it would be nice to get rid of the chimney. My house is 28 years old. Good or bad idea? Thank you.


if you have no plans on using the chimney anymore and your heating appliances are already venting out the side, why not remove. its probably possible as long as you have the $$ if the chimney is running up the side its not a big deal but if its running through the house it may be being used to hold a part of the house up! if it runs through the house have a contractor come in and tell you if its a big job to remove it


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