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QUESTION: Re: 2011 Chrysler 200, driver's door, interior trim

Need to replace the driver's side view mirror. Have new part.

There is a triangular plastic cover on the interior side that hides the electrical connector and two of the mounting nuts. (The third nut, front-most, is exposed and has a plastic slip-on protector.) Have explored the cover with a plastic putty knife trying to find how to release, but been unsuccessful in trying to peek under it and find release. Don't want to force and possibly break any retaining clips/snaps.

What is the secret to getting it to pop off without breaking? Should be simple... Thanks, Bruce

ANSWER: Hi Bruce, The latest set of manuals that I have is for '07. Do you happen to know which vehicle, if any, has the same body as the 200 and thus the same door details? If so, I can look at that model on my '07 CD and get a good idea. I wonder if it might be the Sebring sedan has the same door?

I did look at the '07 Sebring door and it says only that the "flag" which is the part you are trying to remove is released by using special tool C-4755 and prying 'upward' on its edge (but doesn't indicate where to place the tool when you pry. Maybe the most conservative approach would be to go to a dealer parts counter and ask to look at the parts catalog which will have a drawing which shows the edges of the flag and where the clips/tabs are located. The counter person or shop manager may tell you where to pry from with a thin stick or putty knife as you have been trying to do. Please 'rate' my answer (see below), Roland

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QUESTION: Roland, Thanks for replying! Nope, no idea. 200 was a new body style in '10, I think, and is the first Chrysler I've owned in 10 years. Could you check what you have for the Sebring and see if it has the triangular inside cover? Note that this one butts up against the door panel, but doesn't seem to be attached to it. That approach makes the most sense, too, but we are talking about Big 3 engineers here! (In a previous life, long ago, I was a GM mechanic. Really think they should make the enginieers work in a service dept before they start designing.) Thanks, Bruce


I 'revised' my first answer, so take a look at that where indeed for the Sebring it is to be pried off. I hope that a visit to the parts counter at the Chrysler dealer will be helpful. If you would be so kind as to use the 'rate' button again and consider giving a 'yes' to the question about a 'nomination' for me to be 'volunteer of the month' I would most appreciate that. Roland


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