Reordering a scatter chart

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I am trying to reorganize information presented in a scatter chart in sequential order. A simplified version of the data I am using is:

  1. Average

1 2.2 2 1.2 3 2.5 4 1.1 5 1.6

Here there are five average values, all of which are between 1 and 3. I can graphically represent this data using a simple scatter chart. However, it would be much more useful to be able to separate the results into 3 groups: Low (1.0-1.6), Medium (1.7-2.3) and High (2.4-3.0). One way that I have tried to do this is to have the data be listed in order, from left to right, based on the 'Average' value. So that the data would be plotted in the following order:

  1. Average

4 1.1 2 1.2 5 1.6 1 2.2 3 2.5

In other words, I would like to somehow present the data so that all of the 'Low' values are listed first, then the 'Medium' values, and finally the 'High' values. I would also like to have the numbers #1,2,3,4 or 5# serve as data labels. I have tried different approaches, with no success. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




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