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Clock Face

QUESTION: I have a clock that has "Centurion 35 day" on the clock face, "Korean" stamped on the back. I have broken the glass "cover" and am trying to locate a replacement. Can you tell me where I can find a replacement glass?

ANSWER: Steve, I believe there is an upper and a lower glass for these clocks. If it is plain you could have a local glass shop cut it for you. If it has a design on it, you would probably not be able to find a new one. I do have some used replacements that might not have the exact design on it but would probably work. If you will send the dimensions of the frame in which it goes, I can tell you whether I have one and give you the details. The best way to verify the dimensions is to cut out a piece of cardboard to fit and give me the dimensions of the cardboard. I will reply with the details and a photo of the glass.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The cardboard is 10", the location is the "face bezel" and the previous glass was beveled out, plain glass, no design. I've attached a picture of the clock in hopes that helps.


Steve, I did get your email and was looking to see if I have a glass, but did not. It is interesting that I have a Korean "Centurion" clock case with the glass in it. However it is a rectangular wall clock with 2 equal size glasses in it. Yours is a school clock. If you will go to, they have a Website with an On-line catalog. They have a convex 10" glass, No. 14161. When you order, double check your measurements to insure it is the correct fit. The smaller and larger sizes available are 9-3/4" and 10-1/8". That's why I suggested you make a cardboard cutout to measure.


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