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QUESTION: We inherited this clock from my father in law. It's been moved 500+miles The weights were marked, I've carefully rehung them I haven't been able to determine if I have hung the pendulum correctly. without the pendulum the hanger moves quickly. with the pendulum, after giving it a start up [hold it against the cabinet &let go] it beats for about 1 minute. I haven't found a clear picture of this assembly The movement wasn't attached & was just sitting in the housing. I carefully removed the back & screwed the face to the housing, using existing holes. the alignment seems ok, with the chains passing directly through the slot in the housing. the movement appears clean. I could use a recommendation of the preferred lubrication & which points to lubricate. I can easily take more pictures.

Pendulum mounting

ANSWER: I believe you have a number of things wrong. As best I understand your situation I offer the following: To hang the weights in their proper positions, the heaviest weight must ALLWAYS be hung to your right, (as you face the clock). The remaining two weights are usually the same or nearly the same weight and are hung to the left and center. I don't know what movement your clock has but I doubt that holding the pendulum against the cabinet and letting it go would be appropriate. I suspect this modus operandi would put the clock out of beat. You can tell the beat status by listening to the beat of the clock during the period the pendulum swings, if there is a even tick - tick the clock is in beat. If it is uneven or there is no tick the clock is definitely out of beat and require adjustment before it will run. If I knew what movement you have I could probably help you solve your problem. To that end copy down all the information that is stamped upon the clock movements brass backplate and send it to me. With that in hand I can most likely identify your movement and therefor know where everything is and how it works. If it turns out to be a Hermle it is not unlikely that I could provide you with an exploded view of the mechanism. ---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The title actually contains complete information about the movement: Ridgeway Model-167 Movement-E I'll add the serial # 1304 from the middle 1970's, which is confirmed by the looks of the cabinet materials. so what is the proper method to start?

I fooled around some & noticed that the pendulum hanger [at the movement] was not centered [stroke longer on one side than the other] I adjusted it as best possible, ticks a bit longer. I had seen the descriptions of proper weight placement, which confirmed the markings on them the right weight #6 the other two #4


The title tells me nothing. Ridgewy does not and has not ever built movements. All their movements are purchased from various clock manufacturers. Over the years they have used movements made by Urgos, Hermle and other European manufacturers. As stated in my initial response that information is stamped upon the movements brass backplate. Once I have identified your movement I could obviously be in a better position to possibly solving your problem. As to My suspicion the clock is out of beat, I would need you to conduct the task I defined to you, and report back the results.


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