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Hoping you can answer my question. We run XP with Office 2007. Do you know if I can reinstall and run2003 while running the other Office applications in 2007? Theversion no longer uses some of the analytical features thathad and we want them back. Any comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Since this is a complex topic, here are articles from microsoft that tell how they would want you to do it. Information about usingOffice suites and programs on a computer that is running another version of Office How to run multiple versions ofon the same computer Information about running multiple versions of Office with Office 2003

I am not sure what analytical services you think are missing. The worksheet functions from the analysis toolpak have been moved intoproper and are now built in functions. But the mini-applications in the Analysis Toolpak such as Regression, Histgram, ANOVA and so forth are still in the analysis toolpak and that is shipped with Excel. Addins are installed in the office button at the bottom of the dialog choose options, then Addins in the resulting dialog. At the bottom of that Addins dialog, choose manageAddins at the bottom and then you can choose analysis toolpak and analysis toolpak VBA if they have been installed from the installer (if not, you need to install them first with the Office installer).

Just want to make sure you know the above. If you do or that is not the issue and want to go with2003, then hopefully the articles will help you with that. I think you will need to uninstall Office 2007. Then install Officeand then install Officeall per the instructions.

I have run multiple versions in the past and have not had a problem (although that was before2007 came out).


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