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 I have a c++ exe file which successfully run on windows machine. Now i want to reuse the code which i have to run form linux. Is there anyway to convert exe to linux runnable format? I tried wine but itshows some error. Or is there any wayt to find the code of the exe?

Thanking you, Umaimath

ANSWER: There is no good way to get the source code from the executable file, and even if it could be done, it may be of no use - there might be call to the windows api (win32) functions which won't be there in linux at all.

Unfortunately, wine does not run all windows programs. There are a few other good (sadly non-free) alternatives. see:

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QUESTION: Thank you very much for your reply sir. Could you please explain how to create linux executable of c++ program? It contains more than one c++ source code and header files.

Thanking you, Umaimath


g++ is the "GNU C++ compiler", which is standard with linux. For the basics of hoe to compile and build programs, see:

If you have a large number of source files, using a Makefile is recommended. For the basics of creating and using Makefiles, see:


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