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QUESTION: Hi how do i "suspend" a condition "ppm" in this "if" statement? thanx andrew

ANSWER: Sorry, I don't understand what you mean...

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QUESTION: Sorry about that. I'll say it another way.


I need to remove the "PPM" condition and stop/or suspend the resulting answer "S" from appearing, when the "if" sees "PPM".

The "PPM" is no longer correct in giving out the answer "S". It's also not correct for the answer "L". The better answer should become a "Z", as in (do nothing!) Just at this point in time.

Hope this makes it easier. andrew


If I understand, you just need to remove it from the statement: =IF(ISNA(MATCH("X",CA6:CC6,0)),IF(OR(CA6&CB6&CC6="PPP",CA6&CB6&CC6="MPP"),"S",IF(OR(CA6&CB6&CC6="MMM",CA6&CB6&CC6="MMP",CA6&CB6&CC6="PMM"),"L",IF(OR(CA6&CB6&CC6="PMP",CA6&CB6&CC6="MPM"),"Z"))),"L")

But if you want sort of a placeholder, you can do something like: =IF(ISNA(MATCH("X",CA6:CC6,0)),IF(OR(CA6&CB6&CC6="PPP",CA6&CB6&CC6="\\\",CA6&CB6&CC6="MPP"),"S",IF(OR(CA6&CB6&CC6="MMM",CA6&CB6&CC6="MMP",CA6&CB6&CC6="PMM"),"L",IF(OR(CA6&CB6&CC6="PMP",CA6&CB6&CC6="MPM"),"Z"))),"L")

Is that what you mean?


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